Dodson & Horrell PPORA Owner Trainer of the Month March

Dodson & Horrell PPORA Owner Trainer of the Month March

Leonard Kerr, has been awarded ‘March Dodson & Horrell Owner Trainer of the Month’.

Leonard was nominated by John Leadbetter the PPORA Northern Representative for having 2 runners at Overton both whom won. Leonard only has 2 horses in total and they both won on same day providing the jockey with his first ever double also. One of the winning pointers then ran at Kelso in a Hunter Chase recently and won!


Leonard says ‘I am absolutely delighted to win, nice to get appreciation for how hard we all work as we all know how hard it is to get a winner now so 2 in one day was just fantastic’


Now Semi retired, Leonard runs an auctioneer business and rides out his 2 horses everyday very much still involved in their schooling too


Other nominations put forward for March Owner Trainer of the Month Award were Michael Kehoe, Alex Bell, David Brace, Emma Smith-Chaston, Tim Underwood & Will Gaskins.


Nominations can be submitted by anybody, so if you think you have seen a deserving performance from an Owner Trainer and would like to put them forward please email Abi Stock –


Leonard will be presented with:

A bottle of champagne

10 free bags of Dodson & Horrell feed

Free nutritional Dodson & Horrell visit